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Rebecca is available for Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist services exclusively during the daytime for families in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Your baby is born and you’re ready to bring them home. What’s waiting for you once you get there?

Clients often hit some sort of twist or turn in their journey and need experienced guidance. That’s where Rebecca comes in.

Whether you have a baby who has unique needs or you’re feeling overwhelmed with the shifts that have occurred,

Rebecca comes to your home ready to provide information, hands-on help, and genuine care for your family.

Bringing a unique ability to sense what new parents need, she assists families with day-to-day tasks, infant feeding, postpartum recovery and more.

Hiring a Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist for your family can be the difference between “spread too thin” and “able to relax”.

Imagine dishes done, laundry folded, a safe and well-cared-for baby, and the chance to take a hot shower.

Sometimes plans have to shift. In birth, in parenting, and in life, it’s important to have someone you trust who’s been there before. By Your Side Family Doula is a caring, experienced resource for the twists and turns along the way.

YOur investment

Daytime postpartum support requires a 4-hour per shift minimum. 

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Your doula is uniquely equipped to provide
your family peace of mind
and qualified care.
What will this look like day-to-day for your family?

Infant Care

When you’re needing a nap, shower, or just a break, you can trust that your baby will receive excellent care from Rebecca, whether that’s a feeding, bath, diaper change, or nap.

Infant Feeding and Support

Formula, Combo, or Breastfeeding, Rebecca has experience with it all.

Laundry and other Household Chores

Leave your worries and mountains of laundry behind. By Your Side Family Doula can help with the day-to-day, making sure your house is running smoothly and being maintained.

Meal Planning & Prep for the Family

Prepare your family for the days you’re solo with thoughtfully planned and prepared meals that everyone will love.

Rebecca is also an affiliated doula with Music City Doulas and Nashville Doula Services.

Contact both agencies to learn more about their comprehensive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum services including childbirth education, birth doula support, and overnight newborn care.

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