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Rebecca first learned about modern cloth diapering while still in college and working with families. She was intrigued and filed away the information for future use.

While pregnant with her first son, Rebecca spent hours reading websites and comparing different options. She began using cloth diapers when her oldest was only 2 weeks old, and her twins wore cloth from the time they came home from the hospital. At one point she had 3 children in cloth diapers! The cost savings were enormous, not to mention modern cloth diapers are cute, comfortable, easy to use, and create less waste than disposable diapers.

After years of experience and helping countless families learn about their diapering options, Rebecca Mills has developed a hands-on cloth diapering class, Introduction to Cloth Diapers, available as a private or small group class.  She also founded the local cloth diapering group on Facebook, Cloth Diapering Families of Middle TN, where over 1,100 members learn about modern cloth diapering and buy/sell/trade diapers.

Cloth diapering has come a long way since our grandmothers did it! Today cloth diapers are an excellent choice for families who want to reduce their waste and cut down on the cost of disposable diapers.

Not to mention, they come in adorable prints!

Overwhelmed? You don't have to be.

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