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Meet Rebecca

With her expansive knowledge of baby and parenting topics, Rebecca Mills encourages families as they discover their own unique parenting styles.

Rebecca’s experience working with families began over 20 years ago as a babysitter, and in high school she attended Child Development & Education vocational training classes. Rebecca babysat and worked as a part-time nanny during college while pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration from The University of Mississippi, graduating magna cum laude.

Rebecca worked in the corporate world before having her first son in 2009. As a new mom she discovered how challenging motherhood can be while struggling with breastfeeding and also experiencing Postpartum Depression & Anxiety. She recovered with the help of family and friends, and realized she wanted to support other families as a birth & baby professional. After attending a birth doula training in 2010, those plans were put on hold as Rebecca and her husband Chris welcomed twin boys to their family just 26 months after their first son was born. That experience taught Rebecca the importance of having a strong support network, and mothering her 3 young sons ignited her passion to provide unbiased support to families welcoming new babies.

After moving their family from Michigan to Tennessee, Rebecca shifted her focus to postpartum/newborn support. She attended a CAPPA postpartum doula training in 2012, then served as a postpartum resource for local families through various support groups for 3 years before beginning her professional Postpartum Doula career in January 2015. Rebecca continued her education with a Newborn Care Specialist training in 2016 and Child Passenger Safety Technician certification in 2017. She has maintained certification by the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support including CPR.

“Rebecca is a long-time member of MOMS Club International, an international nonprofit service organization for at-home mothers, first in the St. Joseph, MI, chapter and currently in Hendersonville, TN. She previously served three years on the Executive Board of MOMS Club of Hendersonville Area, which allowed her to connect other mothers with a support network that gives back to their community. Rebecca lives in the Nashville suburb of Hendersonville with her husband Chris, and 3 school-aged sons.”

cloth diapering

Rebecca first learned about modern cloth diapering while still in college and working with families. She was intrigued and filed away the information for future use.

Rebecca first learned about modern cloth diapering while still in college and working with families. She was intrigued and filed away the information for future use. While pregnant with her first son, Rebecca spent hours reading websites and comparing different options. She began using cloth diapers when her oldest was only 2 weeks old, and her twins wore cloth from the time they came home from the hospital. At one point she had 3 children in cloth diapers! The cost savings were enormous, not to mention modern cloth diapers are cute, comfortable, easy to use, and create less waste than disposable diapers.

After years of experience and helping countless families learn about their diapering options, Rebecca Mills has developed a hands-on cloth diapering class, Introduction to Cloth Diapers, available as a private or small group class.  She also founded the local cloth diapering group on Facebook, Cloth Diapering Families of Middle TN, where over 1,100 members learn about modern cloth diapering and buy/sell/trade diapers.

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